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Welcome to Classic Fireplaces, Winnipeg, MB

Warming your home is about more than installing a fireplace. It's about creating a space where your family and friends will feel comfortable, it's somewhere they can gather round to share stories and accomplishments and to enjoy each others company and when temperatures begin to dip, what could be more warm and welcoming than curling up beside the flickering flames of a fireplace? 

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Keep warm this winter

with a brand new gas or wood

burning fireplace!


Enjoy the outdoors

with an outdoor fireplace, fire pit,

patioflame table, or patio heater!


Cook up a feast for your

family and friends on one

of the best BBQ’s avaliable!


A large range of accessories

to keep your new fireplace,

stove and bbq in optimal working order


What is Classic Fireplaces?

Classic Fireplaces is a family run business, which has been in operation for approximately 28 years. Peter and Helen Peters have supplied and installed fireplaces (namely woodburning propane, gas and electric) for many of the major builders in Winnipeg.

Offering to assist in planning ideas, they provide excellent service and quality workmanship.

  • With the days getting shorter and temperatures colder, nothing beats the emanating warmth of a fireplace to shake off the chill.If you have an existing zero-clearance fireplace, you might want to consider converting it to gas to create an environment that’s cozier — and more efficient."By using a direct vent gas insert, it creates more efficiency and warmth in the home and there’s no heat loss going up the chimney," says Helen Peters, co-owner of Classic Fireplaces.Read the full article here

    Consider converting your existing fireplace

  • One of life's simplest pleasures stems from the sensory extravaganza sparked by enjoying a wood-burning fire.The unmistakable aroma stimulates the senses, coupled with the sound of crackling wood and the sight of flickering flames.If you have a burning desire to enjoy the experience of a wood-burning fireplace in your own home, you can consider several options.Read the full article here

    The wonders of wood-burning fireplaces

  • After spending just a few minutes in Classic Fireplaces' showroom, you should quickly become aware of one thing - you really don't know jack about barbecuing.Oh, sure, you think you do because you've been grilling steaks for years, but you don't. And the sooner you realize that, the sooner your world will change for the better, not to mention tastier.Click here to read the full article 

    Sizzling All Season